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Mated to the Grizzly

Mated to the Grizzly

SKU: 978-1979024501

Print copy of Mated to the Grizzly, Book 1 in the Bears in Love series. This book comes signed by the author. 


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Cover blurb from back of book:


Shifter bounty hunter meets his fated mate at the worst possible time....


Lauren is a small-town girl with a big heart that just might get her in trouble one day. While walking home after work one night she finds one of the most attractive men she has ever seen. Hurt and a little dangerous Ian Smith is a shifter bounty hunter with a mission. Stop Hatchets clan of unruly black bears who are getting more and more bold and threatening the quite existence of shifters everywhere with their antics.


Can Ian stop Hatchet and his goons from exposing the shifters to the human population, can he keep them from hurting anymore innocent people. Will he grab life by both hands or let his future go to protect her from Hatchets rage?


In the end isn't it all about the power of love?

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