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When Fernando “Bull” Martez enters AROUND THE CORNER he meets Ivy Blu Kassman, sparks fly and hilarity ensues.


He’s Alpha, hot and a little bit bossy (ok, he’s actually really bossy)

She’s funny, nerdy and shy.

What happens when Bossy and hot meets Nerdy and shy? All the things.

Insta-love at its finest. With a little bit of drama thrown in.

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John Thomas

As President of the Dawgs of Mercy MC it’s balls to the walls, high octane, motorcycle riding and hard loving (read f*cking). The brotherhood protects those who cannot protect themselves, even if it means going outside the law.

When our enemies come to town with our club in their sights, we must fight to stay alive.

In the midst of war, SHE walks into the club looking for protection from her own demons. There’s no second thought about it, I’m going to risk it all to keep her safe.



When my past catches me, I run to the only people who will help. The Dawgs of Mercy MC. I’ve heard whispers fo what they can do. What they can make go away. And the people of this town turn a blind eye because they pitch-in around the community. But now I need them. And my only hope of shaking this dark dangerous deamon stalking me is to sick the dawgs on it.

When I walked into HIS club, I was looking for protection. I wasn’t looking for a man. Men were nothing but trouble. I had the scars to show for it.

I wanted to hide, run away. But, HE makes me want to have a future. So I will join the fight against my past.


Book One in the Olympic Wolves series. Atticus and Memphis are an amazing couple. Who fight the odds to come out on top.

A dark road, a raging storm. Memphis is stranded on the run. Her controlling family trying to sell her off to the highest bidder against her will. She ran when she got the chance hoping to make it to her Grandmother’s house to find shelter.
Atticus Redtree could never resist a damsel in distress. A stranded human on the side of the road was right up his alley. A pretty woman and a problem he could fix, Atticus could resist. The easy rescue was about to turn into a trail that even he wasn’t prepared for. The draw of the woman that crept into his heart gave him no choice
With her past quickly catching up with her, Memphis will have to decide if she can trust Atticus with her future and her heart.

Just Released 04-16-20

Newest Releases...



Sassy is the bartender at The Wolf's Den bar and grill and she has a secret. A big secret that could tear the Olympic Wolves apart from the inside.
She isn't sure how to deal with it any more when in comes Ray Owens a good friend who Sassy hadn't thought to give a second glance to for the years they've known each other.

Ray Owens has loved Sassy for years. waiting and watching from a distance until one fateful night when the stars aligned and she seemed to be just as ready for what he wanted
Once they are together, sparks fly and tempers flare.
Can Ray Help Sassy let go of her past or will this just end in heartbreak, or will Sassy let him in enough to finish what they started?
Find out on this journey of discovery, trust, faith and love in a story of a Desired mate that Sassy didn't even know she wanted....

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